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Try These 7 Acids for Healthy Skin

Try These 7 Acids for Healthy Skin

Try These 7 Acids for Healthy Ski

When someone talks about acid, you typically think of dangerous chemicals that are
used for experiments in a lab with test tubes and rubber gloves. Luckily, this is not
always the case. There are many different types of acids, with some of them actually
being good for you – especially your skin.

Acids can be powerful for your skin, helping to remove blemishes and acne, reduce age
signs like spots and wrinkles, and help even out your skin tone. There are a wide range
of natural and over-the-counter skin care products that use acids to help your skin.
If you are interested in adding products with these types of ingredients, here are some
of the top acids for your skin.

Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness

Dr. Murad

Hyaluronic Acid

The first acid is one you probably recognize – hyaluronic acid. This type of acid does a
lot for your skin, starting with helping to replenish its moisture. There are a lot of new
products, including some with many natural ingredients, that are getting popular and
contain this acid.

This is best for people with very dry skin, whether you have patches of dry skin, or a
skin condition that makes it dry. You can replenish the hydration and moisture of your
skin, which is going to help reduce the signs of aging, help your makeup go on
smoother, and just boost your confidence overall.

There are also some added benefits to using products with hyaluronic acid, including
filling out your wrinkles by helping to give your skin a nice plumping boost.

Salicylic Acid

Another extremely common acid that can actually help your skin is salicylic acid. You
will find this in many of your store-bought skincare products, especially the facial
cleansers. There are a variety of acids known as beta hydroxy acids, providing a more
“natural” approach to improving your skin without having to use expensive products or
get facials and other treatments you might not be interested in.

Salicylic acid is found in many popular facial cleansers because it not only helps to fight
acne, but it can also exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and cleaning out your
pores. This will help to reduce pimples and those blackheads nobody wants. You will
also find that it helps reduce inflammation on your skin, and can also work as an
antibacterial acid for your skin.

Aside from facial cleansers, you can look for this product in creams, gels, and
medicated pads for your face.

Glycolic Acid

You already know about beta hydroxy acids, such as hyaluronic acid, but there are also
a number of alpha hydroxy acids. Glycolic is one of the top alpha hydroxy acids you can
use on your skin. If you’re concerned about where it comes from – don’t be. It comes
from the sugar cane! This is wonderful when you are looking for anti-aging products that
help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Aside from anti-aging benefits, products with glycolic acid can also help fight acne and
prevent breakouts from forming, as well as reducing dark spots and helping to even out
your skin tone. It is also found in many exfoliating products for your face and neck.

Mandelic Acid

Moving on to another alpha hydroxy acid, this is one of the less common ones, but you
might be surprised to learn it is found in many commercial skincare products. This is
also from a natural source – bitter almonds. It works wonders for exfoliating your skin,
which as you know helps to clear dead skin cells and other bacteria from your pores.

The big bonus for mandelic acid, compared to acids like glycolic, is that it won’t be as
harsh on your skin. It is more for sensitive skin that need exfoliating, since it doesn’t
penetrate quite as deeply. While it is helping to clear your pores, it will also help treat
sun damage like spots and pigmentation problems.

Citric Acid

If you want a skin acid that can help with anti-aging, then citric acid will be your best
option. This, unsurprisingly, comes from citrus fruits. Due to this, it provides some
natural antioxidants for your skin, which is going to help reduce the signs of aging and
fight free radicals that might be damaging your skin.

Look at the ingredients of skin care products that claim to be helpful for the signs of
aging, and you just might find citric acid listed there.

Azelaic Acid

Another of the less common skin acids is called azelaic acid. Like many other skin care
acids, this can help with a wide range of things. Azelaic acid is great for lightening your
skin if you have dark spots or pigmentation problems, can treat acne and breakouts,
and works wonders at clearing your pores.

If you have issues with irritated and inflamed skin, you will be happy to note that it also
reduces inflammation. In many cases, the acid is found in prescription-strength skincare
products, so talk to your dermatologist if you are looking to try this one on your face.

Lactic Acid

The last facial acid on this list is lactic acid. This is a type of alpha hydroxy acid that is
going to provide very gentle exfoliation on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you
might find that lactic acid is much better for your skin than some of the other options.
Lactic acid comes from milk, so it also provides some natural moisture for your skin,
while reducing fine lines and helping with dark spots. It is not uncommon to find it
alongside other acids in the same skincare products.

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