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How to Take Good Care of Your Legs

How to Take Good Care of Your Legs

How to Take Good Care of Your Legs

You might ignore the condition of your legs until you have a problem such as ugly varicose veins, itchy skin rashes or chronic discomfort, but it is essential to provide skincare for your legs on a daily basis. Here are some ways to take care of your legs to avoid the complications from dangerous blood clots or diabetic neuropathy. Here are 10 easy ways to care for your legs each day.

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Exercise Your Legs Frequently

If you are sitting too much, then you might develop oedema in the tissues of your legs,
especially in the ankles. Lack of physical activity can also lead to dangerous blood clots
that will loosen eventually, causing complications such as a stroke. You don’t need to
jog or run to exercise your legs because walking or bicycling is an excellent way to
increase the circulation in your body.

Application of Lubricating Emollients

When the skin on your legs is dry, it can cause itchiness that will make you feel
uncomfortable. If you shave your legs, then it is possible to have drier skin than normal.
When you shave your legs, use a special product that lubricates your skin while making
it easier to remove the hair. Not only should you apply lotion to the skin on your legs,
but also, you may need to use extra emollients on your knees.

Drink Enough Water

By drinking enough water, you can prevent dry skin on your legs. Drink a large glass of
water when you wake up, and continue to drink water throughout the day. Experts
recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, but you may need more
than that when it is hot or if you are physically active. You can drink plain or enhanced
water to prevent dehydration.

Elevate Your Legs Occasionally

While sitting in an office all day, make sure to move your legs and feet around
underneath your desk. Bring a small stool to work to elevate your feet and legs. You can
also prop your legs up while reclining on a couch or in your bed to help your legs feel

socks img1Wear Compression Hose or Socks

If you work in a job that requires standing or walking for several hours, then talk to your
physician about wearing compression socks or hose. Wearing these items can help to
prevent oedema or varicose veins to avoid complications from these problems.


Use Sunscreen Products On Your Legs

When you are outside wearing shorts or a swimsuit, make sure to apply sunscreen
cream or lotion to the skin on your legs. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can burn the
skin on your legs quickly. If your legs are sunburned, then it will lead to excruciating
pain for several days, making it difficult to wear normal clothing that rubs against your

Consume a Nutritious Diet

In order to have gorgeous and healthy skin on your legs, make sure to consume a
nutritious diet that includes lean protein, fresh vegetables and low-fat dairy products.
Avoid eating junk food that contains empty calories along with ingredients such as
sugar, fat and sodium that are detrimental for your skin.

Exfoliate the Skin on Your Legs

If you experience dry flaky skin on your legs, then it is easy to make a homemade
exfoliating mixture. You can use natural products such as white sugar, coconut oil and
lemon juice to exfoliate your legs while you are in the shower or bathtub. After you rub
away the dry skin from your legs, rinse off the homemade scrub before applying a

Have a Leg Massage

When your legs are aching after a difficult day, visit a local day spa to have a leg
massage. A massage therapist will have you recline on a padded table while she rubs
your legs with special techniques. This type of treatment can relieve the discomfort in
your legs in addition to improving the blood circulation.

Application of Essential Oils

If you want to increase the energy in your legs, then mix peppermint essential oil into an
odourless lotion to apply to your skin. Alternatively, if you suffer from restless legs at
night, then mix lavender essential oil into lotion to rub into the skin on your legs before
going to bed.

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