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10 Simple Steps to Self-Motivation and More Sales

10 Simple Steps to Self-Motivation and More Sales

10 Simple Steps to Self-Motivation and More Sales

Every day of your life “you think youre” selling yourself , good-for-nothing happens until you’re successful at doing that.

We’re all in the selling business whether we like it or not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solicitor or an accountant, a director or a legislator, an technologist or a doctor.

We all invest a lot of our time trying to persuade people to buy our produce or services, accept our proposals or merely accept what we say.

Before you get better at influencing or forcing other people – you need to get better at self-motivation and selling yourself.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection


Here are 10 simple measures in place to self-motivation:

# 1- You must believe in the product

Selling yourself is pretty much like selling anything. Firstly, you need to believe in what you’re selling. That intends believing in “you.” It’s about lots of positive self-talk and the right attitude.

The first thing people notice about you is your attitude. If you’re like most people then you’ll suffer from lack of confidence from time to time.

It really all comes down to how you talk to yourself. The majority of people are more likely to talk to themselves negatively than positively- this is what contains them back in life.

It isn’t just about a positive outlook; it’s about the right outlook- a better quality of your thinking.

Successful people have a constructive and optimistic way of looking at themselves and their work. They have an attitude of tranquilize, confident, positive self-expectation. They feel good about themselves and believe that everything they do will lead to their inevitable success.

If you’re in a sales occupation or a business owned or a director then you need to continually work on your outlook. You need to listen to that little expression inside your heading. Is it saying you’re on top, going for it and confident, or is it regarding you back.

If you’re listening-” I can’t do this or that” or” They won’t want to buy at the moment” or “We’re too expensive” then you’d better change your self-talk or change your job.

Start to believe in yourself and don’t let happenings that are out with your restraint influence your attitude.

Avoid criticising, condemning and complaining and start spreading a little happiness.

Remember the saying of Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company-” If you believe you can do a happening, or if you believe you can’t, in either instance you’re probably right .”

# 2- The carton must grab attention

Like any other produce we buy, the channel the produce is packaged and presented will influence the customer’s decision to buy.

Everything about you needs to look good and it is necessary dress appropriately for the moment. And don’t think that just because your customer full-dress casually, that they expect you to dress the same way.

The style and colour of the clothes you wear, your spectacles, shoes, briefcase, watch, the write “youre using”, all make a statement about you.

# 3- Smile

No need to get carried away, you don’t need a big cheesy grin, only a pleasant open face that doesn’t frighten people away.

# 4- Apply names

Use “the consumers ” name as soon as you can but don’t over do it. Business is less formal nowadays however be careful of using first names initially. Draw sure your customer knows yours and recollects it. You can do the old echo gimmick -” My name is Bond, James Bond” or” My name is James, James Bond”

# 5- Watch the other person

What does their body language tell you? Are they comfortable with you or are they a little bit nervous? Are they listening to you or are their attentions darting around the area. If they’re not comfortable and not listening then there’s no point telling them something important about your business.

Far better to build some small talk and more importantly -get then to talk about themselves.

It’s best to go on the assumption that in the first few minutes of congregating someone brand-new, they won’t take up much of what you say. They’re too busy analysing all the visual data they’re taking in.

# 6- Listen and look like you’re listening.

Many people, specially soldiers, listen but don’t show that they’re listening. The person or persons can only go on what they ensure , not what’s going on inside your heading. If they ensure a blank idiom then they’ll assume you’re” out to lunch .”

The trick is to do all the active listening happenings such as gesturing your heading, the occasional “UH-HUH” and the occasional question.

# 7- Be interested.

If you want to be INTERESTING then be INTERESTED. This really is the most important thing you can do to be successful at selling yourself.

The majority of people are very concerned about their self-image. If they sense that you importance them, that you feel that they’re important and worth listening to, then you effectively raise their self-image. If you can help people to like themselves then they’ll LOVE you.

Don’t fall into the trap of flattering the other person, because most people will see right through you and they won’t fall for it. Just testify some genuine those who are interested in the customer and their business and they’ll be much more receptive to what you say.

# 8- Talk positively.

Don’t say-” Isn’t it a cruel epoch” or “Business is pretty tough at present” or any thing else that pulls those discussions down. Say happenings like( and only the truth)-” I like the process of drafting this office” or” I’ve heard some good reports about your brand-new produce .”

# 9- Mirror the other person

This doesn’t mean simulating the other person, it only means you speaking and behaving in a manner that is similar to the customer.

For example, if your customer speaks slowly or quietly, then you speak slowly or quietly. Remember people like people who are like themselves.

#10- Warm and friendly

If you gaze or sound stressed or aggressive then don’t be surprised if the other person goes defensive and less than willing to co-operate.

If you gaze and sound warm and friendly, then you’re more likely to get a positive response.

This isn’t about being all nicey-nicey. It’s about a pleasant open face or a very warm tint over the telephone.

Before we can get down to the process of selling our produce, our services or our suggestions then we need to be as sure as we can be- that the customer has bought us and that we have their full attention.

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